The Pope’s Hill Neighborhood Association is committed to working cooperatively with all housing development proponents in our neighborhood. Our goals are simple and straightforward: to make sure that all proposals maintain the architectural integrity of our neighborhood and address the short-term construction impacts and long-term concerns of abutters and the neighborhood association. If these goals are met, I am confident that you will receive our support at the City of Boston Zoning Board of Appeal.

We have established a planning committee that will review all proposals and will make a favorable or unfavorable recommendation to the full Pope’s Hill Neighborhood Association for a final vote on the matter. All proponents will be asked to make a project presentation to the planning committee. So that we can fully and fairly evaluate your proposal, we would ask that you be prepared to present the following plans and information:

1. Architectural plans that provide external specifications including widths, elevations, total square footage and exterior architectural renderings.

2. A site survey plan that shows property lines, the location of the proposed development on the site, property line setbacks and any existing structures including houses, sheds and garages.

3. Any proposed demolition plans of existing structures.

4. Any environmental remediation plans if necessary.

5. Parking plans including number of off-street parking spaces per proposed unit and the proposed location of those parking spaces.

6. Square footage of each proposed unit and number of bedrooms per unit.

7. A list of any abutter concerns that you are aware of and your proposal to address those concerns.

8. A list of variances that you anticipate requesting from the City of Boston Zoning Board of Appeal including the section of zoning code that you will seek relief from and an explanation of that section.

We hope that these guidelines will help you make a comprehensive proposal to us and that any questions, concerns or issues we may have with the proposal can be addressed at the planning committee meeting. However, if there are unresolved issues, we sincerely hope that we can quickly resolve them to our mutual satisfaction. This may require a follow-up meeting and possibly a site visit with members of the planning committee. After our initial meeting and any follow-up meeting/site visit, we will make our recommendation to the full association. You are welcome, and we actually suggest, that you attend this meeting and personally present your project proposal to our members.

Thank you for your willingness to work together on your proposal. In the end, we hope that our cooperative efforts result in a project that we can all be proud of.

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